Cooper’s Story
Cooper was first brought to the doctor in February 2018 after noticing he had a white reflection in his left pupil. After being referred to a few different doctors, Cooper was diagnosed with Uveitis and Pars Plantitis. He had an exploratory surgery and was on medications to minimize what they believed to be inflammation. As time went on we noticed the white reflex in his pupil appeared to be getting larger and sought out a second opinion at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic did testing and diagnosed Cooper with Diffuse Anterior Retinoblastoma (Cancer). Cooper will continue going to Mayo for treatments and has his surgery to remove his left eye mid September. We have tests coming up to see if the cancer has spread else where and will know soon if cooper needs to undergo chemo or radiation. Any donations made to his go fund me will go toward travel and medical costs. We want to thank all of our friends and family who have been supportive.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Nora Kotlowski

Cooper had an eye exam on Monday, it was very basic and no new imagining was done because he’s scheduled for an in depth examination in April. However his vision has improved significantly! His last vision test three months ago, his eye sight was 20/40 this time it was 20/25. There is a small amount of tissue still visable, the doctor could see it through the scope however that very well might just be scar tissue. It’s very unknown at the moment but we are optimistic and are hoping to hear good news in April and hopefully NO MORE CHEMO! 🤗 Coopers doing very well.
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