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Journal entry by William Di Sumino

A pillow made of the material with a memory effect is the most perfect, modern and useful solution for a bedroom of any person who thinks about the health of his spine and personal comfort. The filler precisely and quickly adapts to its owner, takes into account individual characteristics and habits. In a few minutes, it appears that the pillow is made "under you" and especially for you. How does this work out? Let's find out.
Materials with a memory effect are high-tech viscoelastic foam - a special modification of polyurethane foam. Initially, they were created within the space program of NASA. The task was to reduce the load on the astronauts during flights.

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The development was so successful that manufacturers of quality mattresses and pillows hurried to adopt it. So materials with the effect of memory (or memory foam) have firmly entered our life and made it a little better.
What is a material with a memory effect?
Under the influence of pressure and heat, the material softens and remembers the shape: press on the pillow, remove the hand, and the imprint remains for a couple of moments. This gives a lack of response pressure from the pillow to the body of the sleeper, allows you to take the most natural position. The cushion itself adapts to your body, takes the desired form.
The effect is quite interesting and unusual.
How do materials with memory effect work?
Materials with a memory effect have a very viscous and dense structure. When the head touches the surface of the cushion, the filler fibers are deformed for a while under the pressure exerted. Upon reaching the ultimate compression, the fibers stabilize. The heat emanating from the body makes the material exactly repeat the shape (or "remember") created by the head on the pillow. When the pressure on the material disappears, and the person gets up, for a few seconds, the imprint remains visible on the surface.
The filler is able to accurately distribute the load. In areas where the temperature and pressure are higher, the cushion becomes softer. Where there is no pressure, the material remains firm.
Use of pillows from materials with memory
During sleep on a cushion of material with a memory effect, the spine assumes an anatomically correct and optimally relaxed position. The body does not feel the reciprocal pressure of the surface. It is remarkably reflected in the bone and muscle systems of the body, as well as on the work of the brain, which is fully supplied with blood through uncompressed vessels and cervical vertebrae.
Sleep on a pillow made of a material with a memory effect helps to normalize blood circulation, which is reflected even in the appearance of a person. The owner of such useful bedding will retain a good complexion for a long time, and in the mornings he will not be afraid of terrible bruises and swelling under his eyes.
Pillows of viscous foam help to cope with headaches and insomnia. Doctors recommend them to patients with osteochondrosis, various neck injuries and diseases of the spine. And, of course, such pillows are a great way to prevent problems with the back.
Materials with shape memory effect are faithful guardians of beauty and health of their owners.
What's different about memory foam cushions
In addition to the advantages already mentioned, pillows made of materials with shape memory effect have other features:
  • hypoallergenic.
  • Due to the bactericidal properties of the material in such pillows, dust mites are not generated, harmful microorganisms and other parasites that cause allergies and asthma attacks do not multiply. Sleeping on memory foam cushions is not only comfortable but also safe for everyone;
  • self-ventilation.
  • The porous structure allows the material to breathe, providing a natural air exchange and giving the human skin free access to oxygen;
  • the ability to create a favorable microclimate in bed.
  • Pillows made of materials with memory easily absorb and quickly evaporate the moisture released by a person at night, which helps regulate body temperature.
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