Honor Colton

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8 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Katie Gossett

“Megan Robison raised money in honor of Colton by hosting a fundraiser :)”

Gifted by Dave and Sulynn Moore

“In honor of Colton Steinhorst. To honor a beautiful, special little boy and a family who never lost faith or courage.”

Gifted by Shelly

“I never met you Colton but you won my heart by your smiling face and the courage of never giving up. You are an angel in Heaven now with no pain!!!”
Ethan Arbelo and Mom

Gifted by Ethan Arbelo and Mom

“In honor of Colton Steinhorst”

Gifted by Kim Mikulsky

“Thoughts and Prayers going out to Colton and his family.”

Gifted by Jackson

“In honor of Colton Steinhorst.”

Gifted by Henry,Todd, Stephanie Morrison

“In honor of Colton Steinhorst.”