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“In honor of Collin McDaniel's life and the impact he's had and will continue to have on so many people, both in life and in death”
Sandy Jonson

Gifted by Sandy Jonson

“In honor of Collin McDaniel. I'm praying for peace, comfort, strength, & happiness for you superhero & your family. God bless you every day!”

Gifted by arlene webb

“In honor of Collin McDaniel, My prayers are with you Collin!!!! I know its not much, wish I could give you guys the moon”

Gifted by Elizabeth Goble Brammer

“In honor of Collin McDaniel”
Martine Fisher

Gifted by Martine Fisher

“In honor of Collin McDaniel”

Gifted by Jodi Marfia

“In honor of Collin McDaniel with love from Collin Marfia”

Gifted by Ms. Wendy Wald

“In honor of Collin McDaniel”

Gifted by Linda D. Griffis

“In honor of Collin McDaniel”