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Journal entry by Karah Young

My son Colin was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukimia on November 7,  2019. That same week his baby sister Penelope was born. We have spent more time in the hospital since he was diagnosed then we have spent at home. I think both of them are starting to think out small hospital room is their home. Colin has had a long list of medical issues. More then any 18month old should have. When he was first born we found out he had down syndrome. (Not a problem but a fact , hes the most special to me) after that we were going to doctors up to 3 times a week the first few months after his birth. He was born with a hole in his heart called atrial septal defect , thank goodness this closed on it's own and we didn't have anymore heart problems. Also at birth we found out he had a cataract in his eye. So 100 doctors appointments and an eye surgery later we are told he needs to wear a contact in the left eye. Okay that's fine not a big deal. We do what we have to as long as he can see. Then I take him to his pediatrician we get referred to a hematologist, find out he had something called transient myleoproliferative disorder ( meaning its leukimia that is temporary, that is the dummy explanation his dr told me ) we had one blood transfusion when he was 3 months old . It seemed to be resolved for a few months, but we were warned if it came back it would be full force leukimia . Well it came back... a few months after he turned one we got the news. We have been doing 28 day cycles of  chemotherapy.  Children are resilient he amazes me every day going through this stuff I wish I could take from him. Hes got a smile that makes everyone's day a little bit better. We are in a constant wait and see battle with this cancer and while he is okay now there has been talk about him needing a bone marrow transplant. We just never know with this Cancer. 
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