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Journal entry by Aaron Endresen

Hey Everyone,

Well… It has been just over a year since I got the new “ticker!” Things are amazing and my health is good. I have had NO rejection issues. I feel much better, the difference in my stamina, and energy levels is hard to explain in words. I will just say there is a VERY big difference from old to new. Before I just thought I was getting older and out of shape, but that was not it at all. DO NOT ignore what your body is telling you. Overall I am blessed to be where I am and thankful that I am still walking around.

I wanted to send a note out to everyone as kind of a final update… First I have not been diligent in keeping people update. I am SORRY to all the people who have looked out for me and taken care of myself and family for not communicating better. I know that everyone understands, this process was not an easy one. The toll on me physically, emotionally, and especially how it impacted my life in general has been a challenge. The Second reason I am writing is I want to let everyone know this will be my last update on Caring Bridge or any other updates on my situation. Not because of anything bad or I am sick of everyone lol, but it is just time to move forward and get back on my feet. I love each and everyone one of you. I could never show, give or tell any of you how much I truly appreciate your support and selflessness. Most if not everyone has my number or a way to get a hold of me so please use it. I am not falling off the earth just moving on and finding the best possible way to really not take for granted the second chance I have been given. So call, text, yell, instagram, DON’T snapchat (too old for that), or email whatever it is I would love to  hear from everyone.


I also wanted to tell everyone how lucky I am for receiving this new heart! I NEED to make sure that everyone understands that the YOUNG man who gave his life and his heart to me is the true hero in all of this. He lost his life well before his time and donated his organs to save not only myself but 2 other people from losing their lives. This young man and his family gave his heart, his lungs, and his kidney to save 3 people from sure death. May 7th will not only be the day of my new heart but a day of remembrance for the young man who is the real hero!!! The fact that something very tragic had to happen to such an amazing person is something I can’t and will never forget.

So please follow your own hearts. Do what makes you happy, cherish the time with your kids, families, and friends. Know that each and everyone of you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to seeing and talking everyone soon. Thank you for helping and supporting to keep my world above water. I love you guys and I hope life brings you great happiness.

Aaron M. Endresen

“The only way we can value our own lives is by valuing the lives of others first.”     

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