Thoughts & Well Wishes

Tim Bendokas | Jul 29, 2020
Dear Hurn Family, we are so sad to hear of the passing of your beloved Cliff.

I'm Tim Bendokas, brother of long time Donna Bendokas. You may not remember us but we had the pleasure of being in Cliff and Janine's company several times at sister Donna's Redmond home.

Cliff and I recently became Facebook friends and had a chance to post back and forth a few times during this last part of his journey.

May God bless Cliff and all of you, may He keep you close and give you strength during these painful days.

Tim & Heidi Bendokas 
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Larry Steele | Jul 25, 2020
We missed you on the Ancient Mariners zoom call this morning, Cliff. But you know, the Cliff Hurn stories will never end. As much as your strength and power in a boat, your love for rowing, and your love for your friends, is what inspires me the most. You’re a positive force in the universe. 
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Sandy Goelzer | Jul 13, 2020
Cliff and Janine,
I am just learning about your cancer, Cliff, and I wanted you both to know that Wally had immunotherapy at Seattle Cancer Care for melanoma from Mar., 2018 to Mar. 2019.  He also had half of his big toe amputated as that was where the melanoma presented. Please know that we think the world of Seattle Cancer Care and immunotherapy.  I realize your cancer is different from Wally's, but they really know what they are doing, and every single person we worked with was outstanding.  You are in the best of hands, and you are tremendously in our thoughts as you continue your journey.  With love, concern, and hope, Sandy and Wally Goelzer
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Brad Thomas | Jul 11, 2020
Hey Cliff, Susan and I care about you and have many great memories of the 1970 team standing in the winners circle with all the other teams shirts slung over our shoulders.  We are praying for another victory for you and Janine with this dreaded enemy laying at your feet too.  You can, with God's help defeat this enemy, like all the others we have beaten in the past!
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Debbie Palmer | Aug 14, 2019
Dear Cliff and Janine,
After reading your journal entries it is very encouraging to see that you are getting the very best of care.  I am sending my love and please know that you both will be in my thoughts and prayers continually.  You are both very loved by so many.  Please try to remember that each and every day.
I will stay in touch!
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