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"There is no more force more powerful than a woman determined to rise."

My CaringBridge website provides updates post double mastectomy following a bilateral breast cancer diagnosis in June. I am so happy to report that all of the cancer was removed on August 1! I am cancer free! That is the best possible news! There is more. Shortly afterwards, I developed an infection in the right implant that continued to fester. Three weeks after my mastectomy, I was admitted to Chandler Regional Hospital but the IV anti-biotics were not effective.  After spending three-and-a-half days in the hospital, the implant was removed leaving me unbalanced:   I am flat chested on the right side  but still have the  implant on my left side. Follow my entries as I write about the process of of making an eventual decision to reconstruct or go flat, the road to rebuilding my physical strength and emotional well-being, and making adjustments to life after breast cancer. The amazing support I have been receiving since the announcement of my diagnosis continues to provide me with the positive energy and momentum I draw on when the hills seem too steep to climb. Thank you, my dear friends.

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Journal entry by Claudia Ward

I had the most exciting morning with my daughter, Katrina. We put our fitness level to the test at the Hot Chocolate 5k race in downtown Phoenix and we had a blast! That might seem like an oxymoron but for those of you who know me and my competitive nature, heart disease and breast cancer are not keeping me from lacing up my running shoes. Nowadays, it is more like trotting, but hey, it has only been five months after my most recent surgery. Long gone are the days of setting a new personal best time or placing in my age group. Now, it is about being grateful to God for another day of living cancer free and having the physical ability to simply run. And being able to do so in a race environment with my daughter helped to make me feel like I am getting my mojo back! By the way, I need to brag about Katrina because she finished 3rd in her age group (20-24) out of 214 young women. How awesome is that? Seeing her so surprised and excited made my heart happy and made getting up at 5:30 am on a Sunday so worthwhile. While there is no age group award for me (no surprise there), just getting another chance to create such fun memories with my daughter doing what we both love to do made me feel like a champion!
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