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My life has taken a surreal turn.  I have been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  The good news is it's curable, but the treatment is very aggressive.  I have started a rotation of one week in the hospital followed by two weeks home to continue for a projected six months.  I appreciate all the support from friends, colleagues, and family and want everyone to know I'm in good spirits.  I am looking at cancer as an unexpected tutor, teaching me deep, powerful lessons.

Newest Update

Journal entry by claire Jackoway

My energy has improved as I enter week 2 post transplant. The over-arching theme of the week is the introduction of nuisance symptoms. Nausea seems to be less of an issue, although something that continues to be managed. Mouth sores are the nuisance of the day. They're not life threatening but they sure are troublesome and hard to ignore. Now is the time in my treatment that my blood counts bottom out. On two occasions a bloody nose cut my daily walk short. My white blood cells and platelets are very close to zero. A platelet transfusion has been scheduled for later today. My diet has been changed to the low microbial diet which means no raw food, which oddly, doesn't matter because my mouth is so sore. I am assured this is a predictable turn of events. Blood counts will increase, sores will heal, it's just a matter of time.
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