Ann Lannoye|May 5, 2021
You are always in our thoughts at Eagle Point! We are cheering you on!
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Laura Worthman|Apr 9, 2021
So exciting, Claire!
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Kevin Colwin|Apr 7, 2021
So great Olson’s. Kel and I will look forward to chatting with you at games coming up. See you soon.
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Karen Konkol|Apr 6, 2021
That is such terrific news. We are happy for the whole family.
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Laurie Hustad|Apr 6, 2021
So Happy to hear this wonderful update, warms my heart and thankful for the power of prayer. 🙏💕
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Angie Pritzl|Apr 4, 2021
YES!!! So, So happy for you Olson’s! ❤️
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Norma jean Schmudlach|Mar 24, 2021
So happy for your family! This is the best news ever!❤
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Ellen Hustad|Mar 17, 2021
Oh happy day ... ! ❤
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Nicole Morrison|Mar 16, 2021
That is the most amazing news! So happy to hear this! Way to go Claire!!!
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Kim Hollenbeck|Mar 15, 2021
This is the most amazing news! Prayers have been answered. We are so happy for you all. Claire, you’re one brave kiddo with strength second to few. May God continue to bless you all. It makes my heart smile to see you all out and about. 💜💙
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