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Site created on June 24, 2019

Thank you for visiting Cindy's caring bridge.  We will use this site as a centralized way to post updates & communicate with Cindy's circle  as her treatment progresses in the months ahead.  As many of you know Cindy was diagnosed in late June with a rare form of colorectal cancer after a routine exam.  While this diagnosis comes as a big surprise & carries with it great trepidation, Cindy feels incredibly blessed & encouraged to be surrounded by so many loving & supportive friends & family.  

Many of you have asked what you may be able to do to help her while she undergoes treatment & begins her road to recovery.  We've collected a few ideas in the "Ways to Help"  tool provided on the site.  If you are interested in signing on to help with something just click on the planner/calendar tool where you will find dates & times posted for certain chores/errands & appointments.  We are grateful for any help you are be able to offer whenever it fits your schedule.   We will continue to post updates as more information & specific needs are known.  

Thank you all for your presence in our lives - you are loved & appreciated beyond measure.  Cindy, Sarah & Elizabeth

Newest Update

Journal entry by Sarah Jessie

Well, now that she is officially past the 1/2 way point in treatment we wanted to pass along a quick update to let you know how Cindy is doing thus far...

After experiencing some real struggles with her medications it looks like we are on solid footing moving forward.  Her chemo & radiation teams have adjusted her treatment plan to eliminate a drug that had been causing severe adverse reactions some of which included mouth sores, skin blisters, & worst of all an inability to eat/drink virtually anything.  It took a while to identify this drug as the cause of her symptoms & we are so glad to have that addressed. 

The Dr.'s have also told us that despite the physical pain & weight loss caused by her reaction to this drug, her progress with treatment remains on track. 

At this stage in treatment she is feeling a little stronger & has even noted a small increase in her appetite!  Right now, we're primarily focused on improving her white blood cell count, keeping her well hydrated & putting on some weight! 

While this hasn't been the easiest process she has kept her spirits high & continues to amaze those around her by maintaining her positive outlook!

Thank you all as always for your kind words & support!
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