Journal entry by PAM ZAUGG

Today we are reminded that our God loves us deeply and knows how best to care for us.  Sometimes we try to tell God what He should do.. and that is never a good thing!  Chuck entered Heaven today. He went  peacefully early this morning, and we are claiming his complete healing miracle happened there.  As we look back there were many little healings along the way and God was very gracious in allowing us these last 100 weeks together to prepare for life apart.  God brought us support that allowed us to focus on each other when often people cannot do that.   

To share the final details: Tuesday was a rough day with lungs filling with mucous and an awful fight to get it out and breathe. Yesterday was a quiet day with Chuck in a comatose and not so much discomfort.  Last night our nurse warned me that things could become difficult, but instead it was very special. We shared Chuck's last night alone together. As I sat next to him I watched for his eyes to open and went over to tell him how much I loved him, and how he has been an amazing husband and father.  He was struggling to move or respond, but then he moved his hand over to mine and gripped it with eyes clear and focused.  God gave us these special moments as Chuck was moving from earth to Heaven.  He died very peacefully early this morning after I had one last chance to whisper ny love in his ear.

Chuck would ask each of you to love God and Praise Him. Those were some of his last words, “Praise God” as we claimed Bible verses as our sword to fight this sickness .  We claim hope and can know that Chuck is with Jesus.  I can hear this song ringing:   

Next he would thank each of you for your support and prayers!  You all have been incredible and we are so blessed.  He would challenge you to love your spouse deeply, live life together with your families, and remember PARADISE is coming and no one knows what may happen tomorrow!  We pray that you have received the invitation to Heaven from Jesus our Savior! 
Life will never be the same here without Chuck.  We must remember his saying early on: "God has me in His Hands!"  God welcomed him with His great love, and His love is greater than mine. It is now my job to remember that God loves me more than Chuck did, and to live my life with His love holding me close.  This  is hard to imagine for we loved deeply.  I am now letting God hold me in His Hands!  

 I will cling to God’s love knowing He never makes mistakes, and His ways are always the best ways. .Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”  
I will remember that God never makes mistakes and He knows what He is doing!  Heaven's timetable is forever while time here is short.  I will see Chuck again, and I can feel his presence will be all around us as he now has that 4 dimensional ability to see us!  Let's not get so busy here on earth that we forget our purpose really is Heaven.

With Christmas a few days from now I also want to turn our focus to Jesus, Whom Chuck is with now! This song reminds me of Heaven! Mary asked for Breath of Heaven to hold her together....  I am asking the same..  Please no comparison to Mary... just our need to focus on our Holy God!

Merry Christmas loved ones!  We plan to celebrate Chuck's life after the new year and I will keep you posted.  We hope to celebrate his PARADISE along with all God has given us here in our Northwoods Paradise!  We love you. Chuck and Pam
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