Mark Loehrke|Sep 19, 2019
Love the photos of Chuck and his boys.
Nothing is better.
Praying for relief of pain.
Love you, Chuck!!!
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Barbara Carlson|Sep 19, 2019
So glad you were able to see your Dad, Pam. So happy that "the guys" could have a good time together. Thanks for sharing the Isaiah 30 scripture. It is meaningful to us at this time too.
Our love to you both,
Barb and Joel
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Sue Whitfield|Sep 19, 2019
Great pictures as always. Pam... I was happy to hear you were able to spend time with your dad while leaving Chuck in such capable and loving hands. The Lord is blessing your family with good things.
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Nikki Moore|Sep 19, 2019
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Kathy Morgan|Sep 19, 2019
Prayers continue.
One of the most beautiful parts of this difficult suffering is your glorious family's witness of love and one another and to Jesus. People are watching. People are being greatly moved by your holy transparency in this season. You ALL are glorifying God! Thank you for that true witness to our trust and faith in Jesus.
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