Journal entry by PAM ZAUGG

Chuck has been fighting a gagging/coughing attacking from mucous building in his throat.  Our Nurse Amanda came to check his lungs finding them clear and also showed us how to use the oxygen machine if needed.  Please pray relief from these for it is hard to breathe when they happen and takes so much out of Chuck!  

 We received a print from a friend in the mail this week that pictures Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  This was to represent the time in Jesus life after He had died and his friends had given up all hope!  He joined two friends (without them knowing who he was) as they walked and talked about life happenings.  Thank you Fritz for this gift for it reminds us that God uses the Bible to open our eyes to truth and He also will open our eyes to understanding His ways!  He is walking with us on this journey!

Luke 24 says when Jesus was walking  vs 25-26 “He opened up Scripture to them…. vs 31 He opened their eyes and they recognized Him… vs 38-45 He opened up their minds to understanding … 47 He opened up their lives to forgiveness and lastly vs 49 He opened up their hearts to the Holy Spirit to fill them & give them power”...HOPE!

Thank you for your cards and gifts of soup and pictures with memories!  Thank you for visits for it is good to spend time with you!  Timing is difficult between Chuck's napping, but as you are flexible we are so thankful for your visits!  We ask God to open up our life to His ways and see a Holy Spirit peace covering our home!  We pray that power of Miraculous healing and to recognize Jesus today as He is on this road with us! We want to share this hope with each of you in your own lives today.

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