Jennifer Hansen|Sep 8, 2019
As always, it never ceases to amaze me how God is using you both and this journey to bring you and your beautiful family closer to each other and Him, and to bring others closer to Him, His Word, His promises, His truths. To be encouraging to others while going through such a storm is so humbling to me. Your posts strengthen me, and continue to remind me that God is good all the time, and ALL the time, GOD IS GOOD!!!
Continued love and prayers!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Carla Riemer|Sep 7, 2019
We continue to pray for you both & your family. We pray for a miracle. Pleased to hear your pain has been helped a little Chuck.
Your bed by the window is perfect for seeing the birds & “our” paradise. Jeff & Carla
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LaVon Beseman|Sep 6, 2019
Being able to sleep and get rest helps the healing! What a wonderful gift!
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Sherry Stecker|Sep 6, 2019
And we pray for peace and comfort for Chuck........Thinking of you all every day.
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Mark Loehrke|Sep 6, 2019
So glad that Chuck is getting some relief from the air bed.
Whatever it takes!!!!
Please let Chuck know how much he is loved!!!!
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Andrea Witwer|Sep 6, 2019
These are all part of the entire hospice concept and God working through them. Everyone is praying for Uncle Chuck to have some relief. Answers came in the form of an air mattress, a walker and oxygen to fill his lungs. I envision Uncle Chuck restored and pray for his miracle to be delivered. Location location location...the air mattress is in a prime spot!
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Connie Turner|Sep 6, 2019
Ever praying for you both.
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Jim Egan|Sep 6, 2019
What ever hospice offers or suggest please take it. They have a lot of experience and usually know what is best to make their patients comfortable. We continue to pray for Chuck.
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