Bobbie Clinton|Aug 30, 2019
Your journal entry today brought tears to my eyes again. I an inspired by your faith, honesty and transparency. It is so incredibly hard to watch our loved ones suffer. I can empathize as well. Bob and I are praying for you all. May this pain patch give some relief while you wait for the miracle of healing. We love you guys, even though it has been too many years since we were together.
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Barbara Carlson|Aug 30, 2019
Praying with you for relief of pain. Thanks for your sweet message yesterday. Joel is doing well. Give our love to Chuck. May you feel God's arms upholding you.
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LaVon Beseman|Aug 30, 2019
Praising God for Chucks healing. Thanking God for His promise and Jesus sacrifice, for “by His stripes we have been healed”! We do not go by feelings, emotions, or what man says, but by His promise. Faith! Reach for that next bar, knowing He has you. God is faithful!
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Connie Paschke|Aug 30, 2019
Pam, thank you for your inspirational message this morning. Chuck's simple but obvious response reminds ms. That if our focus is on Him, everything is clear. Thanks again for a great family week! Thoughts and prayers.
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Andrea Witwer|Aug 30, 2019
Endless hope in Uncle Chuck's miracle! Complete faith in Uncle Chuck's miracle! Today, I will fill my mind with visions of what a retored Uncle Chuck would be like and believe in what I see for nothing is impossible for God. Praying the pain patch is constant relief and the move goes smoothly!
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Jeanne Zaugg|Aug 30, 2019
Not giving up!
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