Jim Egan|Aug 5, 2019
Praying that Chuck's scans show improvement.
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Jeanne DeGroot|Aug 5, 2019
We are thinking of all of you and holding you in our hearts. The DeGroot family
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Sharon Rogers|Aug 3, 2019
May the God of ALL creation bless you Chuck, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and everywhere in between. With healing of ALL sickness and disease.
As you rest in Jesus know that He loves you more than any one ever could and yet you feel the love of your family and friends and that brings you great joy. So imagine how much more joy you feel feeling your Father holding you in the palm of His hands and His loving, healing arms enfold you with such peace and comfort.💞
Much love to you and your precious family.
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Valeri Snedden|Aug 3, 2019
As I shared with you. My prayer for Chuck is based on Psalm 103:5. That God will satisfy Chuck's mouth, his necessity and need based on his age and situation with good so that his youth is restored, renewed, extended like that of an eagle. That he will be strong, overcoming, and soaring over this life storm.
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Diana Olson|Aug 3, 2019
What a privilege to have done this 10 day study with you and what a wonderful passage to end with. As our daughter Lauren was struggling with her graduate work God led me to those verses as His promise for my mother’s heart. Isaiah 40 is precious to me and I pray it will comfort you as it did me.
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Mark Loehrke|Aug 3, 2019
Sending prayers for our dear friend Chuck.
Hoping he is finding the ultimate cure in the arms of our God.
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