Jennifer Hansen|Aug 2, 2019
Love the beautiful smile on Chuck’s face despite all you are going through! Glad he’s getting loved on by family and wonderful memories continue to be made during this tremendous trial.
“Surrender” and “Control” are two things I have struggled with also during most of my adult life. Yet when we truly do “let go and let God” there is SOOOO much peace and healing that can take place if we just let Him!!
Thank you for continuing to share and inspire others through your journey. Love you both so very much!! Continued prayers! ❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️✝️
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Andrea Witwer|Aug 2, 2019
What a great picture! A warm Papa smile and bright Kiva smile. Kiva received her miracle early in life and now it's time for her grandfather's. Uncle Chuck has always had a gentle soul and his actions consistently kind. Grateful that his throat is improving so he has a chance for nourishment(maybe PIZZA:) that will strengthen him so he can live despite what science says about cancer. Praying one day at a time. There's a time to be born, a time to die and then sometimes there is borrowed time God allows to squeeze inbetween the two.
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Jeanne Zaugg|Aug 2, 2019
Thanking God for giving us husbands who are humble. If there were a "sin scale," I think pride would be at the top. If we humble ourselves, we won't be humiliated. Thank you, Father, for your mercy in our lives. Praying for you all daily - and then some more. Love the photos.
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Judy Webb|Aug 2, 2019
Thank you for sharing this study of Hezikiah with us. It has become part of my morning quiet with our Lord. Your faith and perseverance is a testimony to all. Praying for your entire family and especially Chuck this day.
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Mark Loehrke|Aug 2, 2019
Sending love and prayers from our house to yours!!!!
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