Kathy Morgan|Aug 1, 2019
Your faith filled example in the midst of suffering honors our Lord and points us all to Him! Thank you for teaching all of us....
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Mark Loehrke|Aug 1, 2019
Chuck's two favorite big men (Me and Nate) on the basketball court are sending lots of love and saying prayers for Chuck before every meal and at bedtime.
Our favorite power forward is in our hearts and minds and souls.
We LOVE our Chuck!!!
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Barb Homar|Aug 1, 2019
Your continued strong faith is a powerful example! We are thankful to God and to you for this amazing gift. Each day in your paradise is indeed a blessing.🌲Prayers, peace, and love to you and your family. Jeff, Barb & the Homar family
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Jeanne Zaugg|Aug 1, 2019
All we can say/add to that is a huge "AMEN."
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Nikki Moore|Aug 1, 2019
Yes, as the sun rises on another day, God’s sign is painted brightly in the sky ❤️
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Andrea Witwer|Aug 1, 2019
Signs of life are all around you in your ER Paradise. Just being still outside is a form of healing...to feel warm sun and hear birds sing. Imagine regeneration in Uncle Chuck's cells as you see the greenery surrounding you. Praying for God to turn this season of cancer into a summer with a midnight sun at Zaugg's Resort!
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joan krueger|Aug 1, 2019
God is truly all powerful and all knowing. You are great disciples of his and your rewards for that are great. I love how you are enjoying each other and God's beauty that surrounds you. I continue to pray for you and your family.
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