Journal entry by PAM ZAUGG

Chuck believes God has his life in His hands and prays for wisdom and strength to live for Him!  We come to a place in Hezekiah's life where he is healed and given a sign.  God actually moved the sun!  Our God is bigger and greater than we can imagine for He created our world!  Imagine what the astronomers observed that day!?  God uses nature in crazy ways to show Himself!  

Chuck has always, ever since we moved to Eagle River, said, "It is just another day in paradise!"  How we love the creation God has for us here!  Yesterday we were able to take a short walk and sit on our deck enjoying the lake, the birds, the ducks, the sunshine and our home here.  God shows us signs of His greatness each day and we need to take time to see them! 

2 Kings 20:7-11. What sign will the Lord give to prove that He will heal me and that I will go to the Temple of the Lord three days from now?… Isaiah asked the Lord to cause the shadow to move ten steps backward on the sundial …. 

Peace is a gift that comes when we trust God completely and know He is in control of our lives.  We are in a place of resting and waiting as we pray for Chuck's body to build back from the medicines and radiation it has been subjected to.  The cancer seems to be filling Chucks body, from what the doctors say, and yet we know our God is bigger and greater than we can imagine and He has a plan for our lives.  We would love to have a sign that shows us next steps and pray for direction, but for now we rest and wait trusting His plan!  

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