crystal huene|Dec 21, 2018
we will keep praying , we love you
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Rita Gates|Dec 21, 2018
Praying that the doctors will find a better treatment and praying for God's healing Chuck and Pam. So sorry to hear you have been going thru all of this. We will keep you in our prayers. Love, Tom and Rita Gates
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Judi Wyrembeck|Dec 21, 2018
Prayer and hope are two powerful weapons against cancer. The Poziotinib has shown good results in blocking tumor growth. We will continue to pray for you and Chuck. Merry Christmas to you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus through whom alll blessings come.
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jeff riemer|Dec 20, 2018
Prayer is powerful and it works.
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Mark Loehrke|Dec 20, 2018
I wish those new, tiny tumors weren't there.
But I am glad that the physicians caring for my buddy Chuck are putting their heads together and moving forward with a new plan.
Chuck is seeing the wisest physicians in the world, and they are being guided by the greatest Healer.
Prayers for all of you.
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Linda Addotta|Dec 20, 2018
Praying for you Uncle Chuck 🙏🙏🙏🙏love you
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Bill and Mary Lochte|Dec 20, 2018
We continue to pray for you and for the doctors as they do their research. Wishing you both a peaceful Christmas and HEALTHY New Year.
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Connie Turner|Dec 20, 2018
Dear Pam and Chuck,
This is indeed a new turn of events. We continue praying for you, asking for healing and peace. Do enjoy a blessed Christmas season, celebrating your love for the Lord and his love for you.
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Kathy Morgan|Dec 20, 2018
We’re so very grateful that God created doctors and has given them wisdom and discernment. We also KNOW that our Father God always has the last word. Always. He alone declares the number of our days. And we intercede with you for healing in the name of Jesus that Chuck will have many healthy years to come.
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Jim Egan|Dec 20, 2018
Merry Christmas Zaugg Family. The Egan's along with our church membership will continue to pray for Chuck's speedy recovery. The power of prayer is great.
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