LaVon Beseman|Nov 7, 2018 (edited)
Apologies for the long comment: Your son mentioned in church on Sunday that you were looking at more chemo and had a rough week. Remember that the big C is Christ and cancer is a little c for God! I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer May 22, 2015 and they told me it was bad. I told them I had three granddaughters that were to be born in Aug and Nov and asked if I would be around to see them. They shrugged their shoulders and didn’t respond. I told my oncologist that God holds me in the palm of His hand and there is no better place to be. I was present for each of the granddaughters births, and two more a year and a half later. I was then diagnosed with colon cancer and God performed miracles there as well. Told my oncologist that when I walked out totally healed, he would say, there goes a miracle. I saw him today and for my last 5 visits he has told me I am a miracle. I remind him that it isn’t me, but God! God wants us well!

Don’t dwell on the bad reports but rely on Gods report. Drs are trained to read reports, scans, charts, etc and tell you what they say, but weathermen also go to school and are taught to read reports and charts and look how they can be wrong! God is NEVER wrong. You can be healed. I have read about the nausea and for me, smells bothered, so I put Vick’s vapor rub under my nose and that helped some. Also eating a lot of protein the day of chemo and after helped as well. Also as I was praying after my first surgery in Dec 2015 I was reading about the wisemen bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh. I started studying it more because I wondered why they brought this and Frankincense was a oil used for healing. I bought some and started putting it on my collarbone, where my cancer had metastasized to, but not my rib on my back because it was small. My next PET scan showed significant decrease of the tumor on my collarbone, but enlargement on my rib. So I have since applied it to both spots and they aren’t seeing activity. For the lungs, I just smell the oil in the morning and night and it appears to be working. Just something you might try. Psalms 91. I will dwell in the secret place of the most high. I will abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, You are my refuge, and my fortress and I put my trust in You..... I am wrapping you and your family in my prayers!

When battling fear or discouragement I put on some praise music and think of all the things I have to be thankful for.

God bless you!
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crystal huene|Nov 5, 2018
We will keep praying for Uncle Chuck and thanking God for my Aunt Pam, we love you both so very much
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margie ulrich|Nov 2, 2018
CHAOS: Christ Has All Our Solutions 🦋
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Jim Egan|Nov 2, 2018
Gina and I will continue to keep Chuck and your family in our prayers.
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Linda Doud|Nov 2, 2018
This has always comforted me: "Where can I go from your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? ..............Even the darkness is not dark to You........Psalm 139: 7, 11.
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Barb Grzywacz|Nov 2, 2018
I hold you all in thought & prayer. I am so sorry you must go through all of this.
May the armor of Christ protect you!
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Judi Wyrembeck|Nov 2, 2018
Chuck is a man of great faith. He beat melanoma once and with God’s help he can do it again! Nicole and I are sending him our love and prayers. He has been our hero for a long time. I have heard that God can forgive any sin but despair. Cheerleader Pam help him to get his spirits up. Many people trust in him. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Bill and Mary Lochte|Nov 2, 2018
We continue to pray for you and for God to give you strength to carry on during this journey. You are an inspiration to so many! Blessings, Bill and Mary
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