Connie Cwynar|Sep 21, 2018
We are so thrilled to hear God's great news!! Will be praying about that nausea. Enjoy your family this weekend!
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Linda Doud|Sep 20, 2018
Praising God with you!
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Mark Loehrke|Sep 20, 2018
I am so happy for Chuck and the continued good news on his head MRI.
Have a wonderful family visit. Family time is the BEST medicine!!!!
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Gary and Tammy Hewitt|Sep 19, 2018
Such great news!! We are praising God with you!
We will continue to lift you both up in fervent prayer.
Enjoy your sweet family time😊
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margie ulrich|Sep 19, 2018
I have heard that sucking on hard candy or ice during chemo may help with the nausea afterwards. It may be helpful! Praising God for His mighty hand on you💕
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Wendy Budde|Sep 19, 2018
Praise God for his faithfulness. You are totally in his hands.
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