Andrea Witwer|Mar 16, 2018
I love your "reading tour" and this invitation forum for everyone to walk with you on this journey. It keeps everyone near and far by your side. You will never be alone.

Since January you have traveled such distance. From Paradise (Zauggs Resort)to the Valley(Shadow of Death)and now in search of the map that reveals a place for healing. Read the signs when you feel lost. Angels will bring them to reaffirm the direction. God holds the compass so go where he navigates even when North may seem like South.

When Uncle Chuck's life began he was named, Gene and now as he fights to extend life a gene mutation has been delivered. A rare hope for an extraordinary soul. I wouldn't expect common or easy for a Zaugg who is strong in faith. It's at least easy to remember: Eagle River Be Brave x2 (ERBB2)!

Pair that trio of cocktails with wellness smoothies loaded up with natural anti inflammatory sources such as tumeric. Melatonin, kiwis, warm body core, cool room control and meditation for increasing sleep quality. Accupuncture, yoga and massage to help reroute energy so toxicity can be reduced. It takes 3 weeks to establish new routines. These combinations can lead to inhaling good(tranquility of mind), exhaling bad(anxiousness). AND continue to fill each day with light, love and laughter.

Positive days await!!! WHITE=color for Lung Cancer Survivors (like the color of the dove in your friend's painting)

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Judi Wyrembeck|Mar 15, 2018
Prayers for you Chuck and Pam for strength as you struggle with this cancer that has invaded your body. Many people love you and are thinking of you. As you have helped many, may their prayers form an army to battle the cancer and form a shield of love around you.❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
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Connie Cwynar|Mar 15, 2018 (edited)
I have been praying for you, Uncle Chuck. You too, Aunt Pam! Your timeline and the scripture you have shared is so encouraging. It helps guide us all in how to pray and to see the parallels to scripture in life. I love you both so much 🙏
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