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Journal entry by Crystal Sundown Blanton

Hi everyone,

Since you all might not have been able to attend the Service Live or Via Zoom, I am posting the Eulogy for Chuck that I read during the Service:

May The Work I've Done Speak For Me

Before I begin, first let me say that I am so blessed to share this with you!

And I am so incredibly grateful and happy that I can stand here today and tell you what an amazing man he was…

Mom & Chuck met in March of 2017 at Krispy Kreme in Goldsboro; Mom went to see him at the bowling alley the following week.  Chuck didn’t quite work up his nerve to go talk to her because he felt certain she was not interested, or he wasn’t good enough for her.  By the grace of God, they fell in love with each other immediately and as we can all attest, they were just like teenagers in love.  We all joked about them needing to get a room or oh my gosh you guys are going to make us puke! Really though, Mom & Dad exhibited to us what true love is. If ever there were a soul mate for my Mom, he was absolutely it! 

Did you ever wonder where the Flitter Cave came from? Let me tell you!  Mom, Chuck and myself were watching TV and there was a lady on tv that had “no boobs” and the best way my Mom could think to describe it was, she is flat as a fritter…we laughed so hard that day and fritter went to flitter because that was the best way to describe my Mom who did not know how to sit still.  So the Flitter was born!  Many of you have hung out in the Flitter Cave at their home.  They cherished every single minute out there! As many of you know, my Mom is the center of my universe but for the first time in my life I finally knew that my Mom had found everything she needed.

What about all those rocks?  You see he hated to water flowers and bushes, unlike my Mom who spent all her days in her yard.  One day Brian & Jack picked a couple of rocks up on the side of the road and gave to him.  That was when he found an immense love for rocks.  Somehow he convinced my Mom to pull all the bushes and flowers up and replaced them with rocks!!!  Also, in case you did not know, he owned his first Riding Lawnmower when he moved over to 148 Perkins Road…and he loved it!

It is important that you understand that he was Dad to me from day 1!  I think I fell just as in love with him as my Mom did!!!

Dads are someone to look up to, someone to follow, someone to admire, someone to be proud of and someone to brag about, someone to hold and someone to cry with, someone to learn from and someone to respect, someone to listen to and someone to talk to but most of all, with whom to share everything this wonderful life has to offer.

To say I loved Dad would be an understatement - and to say I’m going to miss him would be an even greater understatement.

I cannot begin to imagine not having him on the end of the phone or sitting beside Mom on the couch during one of our daily Facetime calls or just popping around at a moment’s notice to assist, in his ever-graceful manner, with any project great or small.

Dad was always there for everyone, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, bowling buddies, golf buddies and every single person he knew or did not know.

He always seemed to be able to draw upon boundless energy and faith! He was a very clever man but was never afraid of having a laugh at his own expense. I try to think back to 2017 and other than the last few months, he always had a smile on his face but even then, he still tried.

In just 4 years, they shared everything life can offer – together, with family & friends and absolutely with each other. They were a great team, each supporting the other! Although 4 years isn’t nearly long enough, we cherish the time we did have with him.

Dad was hard working, compassionate towards everyone, and deserved all the greatest things life had to offer.  He taught me many, many things but I think most importantly he gave us the ability to know that if you really put your mind to something, anything is possible, and to never be afraid to give anything a go.

I’m sorry to say that I was very sick during 2017, 2018 and a good portion of 2019. I had pretty much lost my faith in God because of everything I went through during that time!  It was him that reintroduced me to Faith & trust in God!  I am so devastated that I lost out on so much time with him because of my health, but I made up for it in every other minute I did get to spend with him!

His smile and laughter were infectious. If you were around him, he was always so excited for life.

Nobody can be perfect but Dad was as close to being the most perfect Dad & Husband anyone could have.

Dad's love was unconditional, and this is something I will cherish from his character – and take with me forever. His kindness and generosity will be remembered by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. 

I am humbled by Dads strength over the past few months and his ability to focus on the amazing life he shared with my Mom.

I know that through all of this, I find strength from his example.  I thank his children, Brian & Michelle for being so willing to share him with my Mom and our entire family! 

To sum it all up, May the work he did speak for him!  We love you Dad and will look forward to the day we can meet again! I personally thank you for leading me back to a place where I could trust in God again!  Dad, I promise you I will continue living a life of grace and I will do for others as you did everyone in your path!  This is what I call,  “Faith in Action.”

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