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Site created on March 23, 2021

Chris has already beat kidney cancer and brain cancer.  2 amazing feats by any measure.  A few weeks ago Chris had to go to the ER due to persistent pain in his lower back in the general area where his kidney was removed years ago.  Initial tests revealed a mass on his adrenal gland located in the area that was causing the pain.  Additional tests were performed and the results were not good.  The tumor on the adrenal gland was cancerous and cancer had spread into 2 lymph nodes.  Doctors identified the cancer as Stage 4 and declared it is inoperable.

The one treatment option available includes a combination of drugs called Opdivo and Yervoy.  The drugs are taken intravenously with the hope that they will shrink the tumors and stop the spread of the cancer.  Treatments last 3-4 hours each and they are spread out over 3 months.  Doctors will reevaluate everything at that point.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Mike Tuckner

Chris had his 2nd treatment on the 13th.  He was able to drive to and from the appointment, which was great news in its own right.  After the first treatment, he felt pretty good immediately after but the pain started to hit pretty good the next day and lasted about a week.  He was expecting a similar process this time but other than some body aches and itchy skin, the side effects were much more tolerable this time.

Also, having dropped cable and switching to Hulu, Chris was unable to see The Wild and Twins due to Bally's Sports North having contract issues with Hulu.  It took a team effort, but after some creative work, he got set up to stream the games and sync them to his TV.  He's definitely happy to have the home town teams back on TV to help him kill some time.

Again, he feels everyone's support, asks you to keep the prayers coming and is very thankful for you all.



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