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Journal entry by Christine Glogowski

So I’ve been home now for a total of 4 nights (in my own bed - yahoo!) and three full days. I am beyond amazed to be personally experiencing God’s design of how our bodies heal. 

Day one:  tough, moved very very slow, going from sitting to standing (and reverse) was quite uncomfortable. No strength or stamina. For example, washed my hair had to sit and rest for half an hour cause my muscles were shaking. Dried my hair. Sit and rest. Put makeup on. Sit and rest. 

Day three:  I’ve been going and going all day. Did all the things (washing hair/face, drying hair and makeup) without needing any break. Even at the end of the day, after having been working in my office all day, got to go to small group!!!  And I wasn’t completely exhausted!  

Still not able to drive and not so sure I’d have the energy to actually go to any store. So amazon arrives at our house more often. Lol

Boo boos:  I’ve had one wound vac change (next one is on Monday) and it was slightly better than the one previous to it. I’m getting used to carrying my little home vac machine around. It’s annoying but that’s it. 

Shots:  getting used to those too. Bob has started helping me by giving them in my arm. Legs are getting sore. 

Pills:  Let’s just say that the “always hungry” side effect of prednisone is so real!  Since I’ve been home, I’ve been making excellent choices (protein, veggies, a little fruit and lots of water) but seriously - I feel like I am always starving!  It’s getting harder to not give in and have more snacks. 

So things are definitely on the upswing around here. Still so much to do to put the house back together after the major cleaning that Bob/Sarah had done. But furniture is in place, now I just need to decorate. 

I’d love visitors!!  So please don’t hesitate to contact me about swinging by.  My plastic surgeon said to me the day before I was released from hospital “Go home - get your life back”. That is most certainly what I’m doing!!  
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