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Site created on September 7, 2018

When I was in my late 30's my doctor starting me getting mammograms every couple of years due to a lot of cyst's that I have in my breasts.  Once I got a little older my doctor change that to once a year and besides the mammogram I would also get an ultrasound done at the same time so this was my normal routine.   So at the end of July I went for my annual physical and I told my doctor about my nipple starting to recess, so once my doctor start her physical she found a lump near my nipple.  Since I do have a lot of cyst's in my breast I didn't think I needed to worry about anything.  So I went for my annual mammogram; which the technician took extra pictures of my right breast.  After the mammogram I had my ultrasound, but this time the doctor wanted to do a biopsy of the lump.  At this point I started to worry a little bit, than on August 21st; a day after my birthday; my doctor call me and told me that they found cancer cells in the biopsy.  After she told me that my mind went blank and I didn't hear much after that.  Next my doctor schedule me to get a MRI of the breast and an appointment with the breast oncologist.  Once at the breast oncologist she explained to us that I have stage 1 breast cancer, and since the cancer cells are near my nipple my only option that I have is to get a mastectomy.  She explained that they do this rather quickly,  after I meet with the reconstruction surgeon, they usually preform the surgery about two weeks later.  Then we meet with the reconstruction surgeon to talk about my options that I have.  There are many decisions that I need to make in a short period of time that will effect me for the rest of my life.  The doctors and nurses give you a lot of information in a short period of time and it's hard to understand everything at the time they are explaining it to you.  Now I have an appointment with the reconstruction surgeon to get the pre-op done and also I have an appointment with the medical oncologist and my surgery is tentatively schedule for September 19th.  

This is a very stressful time for my family and myself.  I have some good days and some bad days and I'm very emotional.  I know everyone is worry about me, but I asked that you not text, call or email me, since we still have to make a lot of decisions and it's hard for us to kept explaining everything all the time.  We will post updates onto this website if you are interested on how I'm doing.

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