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Site created on April 16, 2021

Well, many know the story but I will recap. Chris started a new PT job on Monday at a local horse stable doing clean up & landscape work. Wed (yes, 2 days later) in his attempt to cut a branch over a corral, - standing ... not on a horse or ladder, just his own 2 feet, he lost his balance and fell. Well, in Chris Nunn way, he does everything big - even falling where he broke his hip. Wed night he was able to have surgery to place pins and a plate over the fracture. For the last 3 years, Chris has been adapting to his diagnosis of Ataxia, which is a degenerative neurological disorder basically messes with balance, fine motor skills, speech & swallowing are some of the symptoms.

So here we are on the long road to recovery.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kim Nunn

So this has been quite a journey. We FINALLY had PT come out to do an intake and go over things. Just the simplest things like keep doing the ice pack for the next 6-8 weeks was helpful. And directly telling the Patient why it was important to call your doctor immediately when you fall, even if it’s not in your bad hip because things can shake loose. It’s good that the Patient is trying to be mobile. It’s bad that he thinks he’s invincible and hasn’t learned his lesson by doing things that have a potentially bad outcome. 

Thank you so much to the Leddy Family & Wells family for the yummy dinners. Kim for my favorite flowers to brighten my day. The Winn family for the yummy chocolate covered strawberries. My Zitter cousins, the Champlain-Wilson family, neighbors Kristen & Steve and the Zoccoli’s for donating to our dinner nights out. Wes & Lori for picking up the dead body van (don’t ask) so the Patient wouldn’t take the wheelchair and go on his own. For Dave, even though you are the negative influence on the Patient, thank you for your strength in literally lifting up the Patient when he was down .... on the ground. And thank you our tribe who have been calling and checking in on us. 💕

Needs: Rachel has only a couple of track meets this season. Her next one is this Wed 4/28 in Nevada City. Not feeling like thePatient can be trusted to be unsupervised and am looking for someone to hang out/check in on him so he doesn’t do anything stupid. Let me know if you are interested. I will be gone from about 2:30 to about 6. 

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