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June 10, 2021

From Steve

Monday-Tuesday update:. Monday started early with OT and ST starting at 9am with Joan participating.  Their return to Holly Knob was complicated by the need to visit a drug store.  Fortunately for Chris the drugstore they chose is next door to Abingdon's newest ice cream shop so  lunch turned out to be ice cream.  I tried unsuccessfully to be the stern parent on that choice but they were not buying that.  With sugar snaps, shiitakes, scallions from the garden a stir fry for supper was an easy choice.  Then early to bed for all.  Tuesday we had to go to JMH in the am and pm for tests with a stop in between at my community  garden plot to pick collards.  After the 2pm appointment she insisted we stop at Snaveley's store where she ordered a slaw dog.  Mrs Snaveley patiently pointed to the choices on the menu to determine what she wanted and I filled in the blanks.  Once back on the road she tore into that hotdog "like a hobo on a ham sandwich" (thanks Smitty!).  Then home for outdoor walks and a quiet supper with a gentle rain falling. Thanks all, Stevo

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  • Kate Campbell : Where is said ice cream place? I foresee a trip there next week.
  • Kate Lindeman-Schutt : She knows what she wants!!!! I ce cream is perfect choice for lunch!
  • Susan Stancill : Hope to see you both soon now that all the shoutin is over.
  • Kim Kelling : Like a hobo on a ham sandwich! Glad her appetite is strong - it will fuel those words to return. Big hugs, miss you. Kim