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14 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Brenda Phillips

Gifted by Rie & Doug Sylvester & Family

“In honor of Chris Leeuw - may others be blessed with his courage & determination”

Gifted by Beth Reich and Family

“Thoughts of love are always with you.”

Gifted by Joe & Barb Sparks

“In honor of Chris Leeuw”

Gifted by Dan,Helen, Holly and Maggie Goller

“In honor of Chris Leeuw We have a tremendous amount of faith in you, Chris. Believe”
Gene O'Donnell

Gifted by Gene O'Donnell

“In honor of Chris Leeuw”

Gifted by Brenda Phillips

“In honor of Chris Leeuw”
Wade Roemke

Gifted by Wade Roemke

“In honor of Chris Leeuw”

Gifted by Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sherman

Gifted by Ron & Sandy Crain

“In honor of Chris Leeuw”