Honor Chris

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Gifted by Mary Beth Stulz

“In honor of Chris Alm”

Gifted by Butch and Jan Rogers family

“In honor our brother and uncle Chris Alm”

Gifted by Meredith Alm and Family

“In honor of my Uncle Chris. You are missed!”

Gifted by Karen Alm

Gifted by Sally and Jeff Brant

“In honor of Chris Alm”

Gifted by Theresa Davis

Gifted by Michael Eaton

“In honor of Chris Alm”

Gifted by Tim and Cathy Alm (Cousin)

“In honor of Chris Alm...........Chris, we celebrate your reunion with your family in God's house. I am sure the Lord has told you......'Well Done'.”

Gifted by Wes & Sue Pfau

“In honor of Chris Alm....a very caring person.”

Gifted by John and Lana Howard

“In honor of Chris Alm”