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Welcome to the Caring Bridge website.   I have had quite the health surprise recently.  I mean huge surprise--since one day I am fine and the  next day Doc calls and says get a mammogram-- five days or so later Doc calls and says get a biopsy.   Three days later Doc calls and says, um, find an oncologist and surgeon. I said, pretty shocking and obviously going to mess up my sewing schedule for a few months.  I am making a few adjustments, such as getting used to even going to the doctor more than once or twice a year.  I have gone to see doctors (yep, plural) more in the past six weeks than I have in the past six years.  They all positive, as I am, that we have found this cancer in a very early stage and I will have some pretty serious medical treatments this winter and then I should be healthy again.   My diagnosis is Invasive Bi-lateral triple positive ductal carcinoma.  Some of the testing I have had shows that, at this time, it is keeping itself in the confines of the breasts and has not spread at all.    The chemo-therapy will be starting in the next week or so.  So far the schedule is for six treatments, 21 days apart.  This will be followed by tests, surgery and perhaps radiation. 

I will try to update the journal every time something of note occurs.  I despise texting so I thought the journal entries would help me keep my friends and family up to date in a timely manner, with less texting on my part. 


Newest Update

Journal entry by Cheryl Lewis

Well, one thing I have learned.  I am not a very good journalist.  One of the problems was a lost password !!!!  Can't put a "tile" on that thing!!  (my son-in-law put a "tile" on my phone).

The days since the last journal entry have flown by.  Lots and Lots of sleep and napping.  Had Chemo #6 & Final.  Then lot's of Dr. appointments and tests.  Twenty-one days after last chemo, right on schedule we began the year long treatment of having herceptin infusions.  (for hers2 positive breast cancer).  First one went pretty well, second one seems to have left me feeling as bad as or  worse than a chemo infusion.  So, have an appointment with my oncologist next week to we can get to the bottom of that situation.  Sure not looking forward to a year of being that dang sick every 21 days....................oh my...................

Anyway, all the lab reports, blood tests, and echo cardiograms looked good; so it was on to the piece de resistance;  that all encompassing double mastectomy.  Four weeks have passed and I'm beginning to use my arms again, and have begun the exercises to get full range of motion back. (by the way; if you know anyone going through this surgery I more than highly recommend a body pillow; could not have possibly gotten through this month without that pillow!!!)    In conjunction with the mastectomy the reconstruction of my anatomy was begun.  The plastic surgeon placed a skin stretcher underneath my skin.  I have an appointment with him next week for a "fill" to stretch the skin a bit more to bring my appearance somewhat back to normal in those swim suits I like to wear all summer  :)  I'll know more about that after the appointment. 

The really really really awesome great news, came at my one week check up after that mastectomy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  there was not one speck of cancer to be found in the tested tissue, or the "sentinel lymph node" from the surgery.  I still have my lymph nodes!!  I don't have cancer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll have herceptin infusions for a year. 

I am planning on heading home in the next four to six weeks.  I will miss my daughter and her family, and those hugs and giggles from my grandchildren.  I sure could not have done this as well as we have without their support and help.  They have hauled me all over two counties to keep appointments, plus just helping in general, which turned out to be more of a full time job than I had ever dreamed.  Bill, my husband, has made quite a few trips to the Dallas area to help also but he is really ready to take over and eager for me to get back home and I am really looking forward to being home again.   

And that dear friends brings you totally up to date.  I think  :)
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