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Journal entry by Kate Loken

Mom switched to hospice care on Christmas Day and initially planned to stay in the hospital so she could continue blood transfusions.  We slept on the decision and the next day my mom decided that the hospital was not her final resting spot.  Mom wanted to be home in the comfort of her own bed so we decided to honor her wish and bring her home Thursday afternoon.

Because mom was coming home, she would no longer be able to get her blood transfusions.  We knew her levels dropped fast in the hospital so we knew our days with her were limited. 

On Thursday evening mom was able to enjoy a nice dinner followed by a bath that she’s been wishing for since being admitted into the hospital.  The bath took a lot of mom’s energy so it was straight to bed after that.  Mom stayed in the comfort of her bed from here on out. 

On Friday we met with the hospice nurse and social worker to go over medication and what to expect during this process.  It was obvious that mom’s energy level was dropping each day and by Saturday afternoon she wasn’t able to hold a conversation.

We showered mom in love, held her hand and laid in bed with her, and continued to tell her over and over how much we love her.  Although mom wasn’t physically able to speak to us by Saturday afternoon, we knew she heard us as she would giggle when we said a joke or puckered up when dad asked for a kiss.  Her mind was there the entire time but her body was shutting down.

Around 12:45am on Sunday morning, dad woke us up and told us mom had passed.  She was lying in bed with dad on her side when she found her wings. 

Although this has been difficult, we know she is no longer suffering and is now the newest angel in heaven.  We will miss her dearly and keep her memories close to our heart. 

Thank you for the love, support, and prayers over the past 8 months.  We are ready for 2018 to come to an end and with moms help, we hope for a better 2019. 



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