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Journal entry by Kate Loken

On Wednesday we were all relieved to hear good news about mom’s cancer shrinking, however, we’ve had a little set back over the weekend.  When mom got the results on Wednesday, her hemoglobin levels were 7.4.  Hemoglobin is a part of the blood that carries oxygen throughout the body.  When her hemoglobin levels are low, she feels very winded and out of breath with any bit of physical activity.  When levels drop below 7, she needs a blood transfusion.  She’s had one other blood transfusion when her levels were 6.9 a few months ago and the levels seemed to bounce back from that.

Her levels on Wednesday (7.4) were low but not low enough for a blood transfusion.  Doctors figured the chemo was still working in her body and the levels would slowly come back up.  By Friday mom was miserable, barely able to breath from just walking up the stairs and laid in bed most of the day.  She called her doctor and he figured her hemoglobin went slightly below 7 and ordered a blood transfusion for Saturday morning. 

By Saturday morning before mom and dad went to Mayo for the blood transfusion, mom began telling us she’s had bloody stools for the past few days.  The stools were black indicating the blood was coming from somewhere higher in her intestinal tract.  Between mom feeling extremely winded and us now knowing she’s had blood in her stools for a few days, it was decided that she would be taken right to the ER early on Saturday morning. 

When we got to the ER, they took blood from mom and we were shocked to hear her hemoglobin was 4.9, which they described was critically low.  She was given 2 units of blood and admitted into the hospital. 

After the blood transfusion yesterday, her hemoglobin levels came back up to 7.7 but dropped again over night to 6.6.  She also woke up 3 times in the night puking up blood.  Because her levels were again below 7, she’s getting another blood transfusion today.         

We don’t know much as of yet.  Between the bloody stools, blood in her vomit, and hemoglobin continuing to drop, it is believed she has internal bleeding of some sort.  Mom will have a scope procedure tomorrow so they can get a good look at her gastrointestinal tract to try and figure out where the bleeding is coming from.    

I will try to post tomorrow with an update.  We ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 




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