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February 19, 2020

Charlie is hooked up for another chemo treatment today. His scan last week revealed some tumor growth. The treatment plan changed today by replacing a chemo drug to address the resistance that cancer can build towards treatment. The doctors say there’s no need for panic, this just happens and they make adjustments along the way. No big deal....Life is a constant series of making adjustments as you go, right? This is 6 months now of chemo and they say it will be realistic to expect another 4-6 months of this type of treatment with the end goal of controlling his cancer to the point he’s on a chemo maintenance. We aren’t exactly sure what the maintenance looks like, but we trust Dr. Cohn to guide adjustments as we go. It’s most likely this cancer will never go completely away, but they plan to fight aggressively to keep it squashed to a minimum and we will make adjustments as we go, because that’s what we do in life ☺️ Next stop, AZ! The sunshine will be a great gift for Charlie 🌞

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  • tom and lil cross : Sending prayers and welcome to Arizona.