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February 19, 2020

Charlie is hooked up for another chemo treatment today. His scan last week revealed some tumor growth. The treatment plan changed today by replacing a chemo drug to address the resistance that cancer can build towards treatment. The doctors say there’s no need for panic, this just happens and they make adjustments along the way. No big deal....Life is a constant series of making adjustments as you go, right? This is 6 months now of chemo and they say it will be realistic to expect another 4-6 months of this type of treatment with the end goal of controlling his cancer to the point he’s on a chemo maintenance. We aren’t exactly sure what the maintenance looks like, but we trust Dr. Cohn to guide adjustments as we go. It’s most likely this cancer will never go completely away, but they plan to fight aggressively to keep it squashed to a minimum and we will make adjustments as we go, because that’s what we do in life ☺️ Next stop, AZ! The sunshine will be a great gift for Charlie 🌞

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February 14, 2020

Update after Charlie's scan today....I just talked to Dr. Cohn about 6:30 tonight and he feels the cancer is starting to become resistant to the chemo drugs because the tumors are now growing. He’s going to switch up his chemo drugs on Wednesday's treatment. He said the side effects will probably be hair loss and some intestinal upset. Prayers that the new chemo medicine is THE warrior that kills this cancer! 


December 18, 2019

Good morning! It been a little while since I have been able to write an update. Charlie has now completed 8 chemo treatments. The treatment plans are reviewed and his CT scans all happen after each series of 4 treatments. This is the week he gets his scan and Dr. Cohn is meeting us at 7 am Xmas Eve morning to tell us how hard the chemo warriors have been fighting! Please send your prayers up! 

What does Charlie’s days look like? Well, Charlie has good days and Charlie has not so good days. I feel like the good days still outweigh the bad. We live our lives waiting to see what the next weeks bloodwork reveals and wondering if the doc will order full treatments. However, last night he was feeling well enough he wanted to drive the tractor for the barrel race we now produce! That’s a huge win! We started producing these races along side 5 Flat Productions last summer and had no idea what a blessing it would be when cancer came knocking on the door. The beginning of December we partnered with Santa cops and had a toy drive with our barrel race. The barrel racers are a big hearted group! They filled a car to the ceiling with toys. After the Fighting Cancer With Charlie auction we want to give back where we can.  Dec. 28th we will have a race with a hat, glove and coat drive to donate items to the less fortunate. Going forward with the races will always strive to provide our customers an affordable friendly place to go for competition, but we want to have a much bigger purpose. Producing barrel races in Northern CO isn’t lucrative business, but every bit helps! Another thing we have learned is that producing events can be rewarding and it can also be competitive. Not so long ago a producer reached out with a request for us move our Tuesday nights to allow them to have Tuesday events in a hear by venue. Later we learned it was a warning, not a request. If this decision may have come by disrespect, greed or plain stupidity but the best thing we have learned is keep doing what we do and do the best job we can. The rest will work itself out. Life is about rolling with the punches.

 Charlie’s full time job since August 21st has been fighting cancer. His new part time jobs are small chores to fill time at home when his energy allows. We ask all our friends and family to say a prayer for Charlie’s scan this Friday. We are excited to share the results! 


November 15, 2019

Today we are 1/2 way through the second round of 4 chemo treatments. This round they had to dial back one of the chemo drugs because the bloodwork showed Charlie’s platelets are low. However, the bloodwork also shows many positive numbers in relative to the cancer! They are also encouraged that he is starting to gain back some weight, feels as normal as a cancer patient can feel and has more good days than bad. Thank you friends and family for your ongoing prayers, support and love. 


October 30, 2019

We just finished meeting with Dr. Cohn. The scan results show positive progress!!The chemo warriors are doing their job and the tumors are shrinking! Hallelujah!!! Chemo is still the best treatment plan. We are learning treatment goes in 2 month cycles and then they scan again. Today Charlie is getting the first of his next series of 4 chemo treatments. 
They don't give us any indication how many cycles of 4 that this may take. They said the important thing is that the chemo appears to be killing the cancer and Charlie’s bloodwork is also showing positive changes 😀🙏🏻


October 25, 2019

Time flies when you’re having fun.., so they say. When Charlie had chemo treatment number 1, treatment number 4 seemed so far away! Today we are over one week post treatment number 4. This morning Charlie had CT scans at UC health to determine what the chemo warriors have accomplished. We will learn more about those results Wednesday, October 30th when we meet with Dr. Cohn. We know they are good, but we are anxious to see how good and what the next steps are. 

From the beginning, we knew we had a strong village of family and friends. It’s amazing the love displayed, care provided  and weight you are all willing to carry for us. We love you all and look forward to the day we can play it forward! 


October 11, 2019

Good morning! We are now in between treatment 3 & 4 and I have an update with some great news. Charlie’s bloodwork shows some very positive signs that chemo is working! Liver pain has been nonexistent for at least two weeks. We are looking forward to getting treatment 4 out of the way and getting his scan to see what the next steps are. Thanks for all your prayers, texts and calls to check on my best friend. We love you all 🥰. 


September 21, 2019

Charlie started his second round of chemo this past Wednesday and finished Friday. His liver pain has improved dramatically. Dr. Cohn feels like this is a sign chemo is working! Chemo is so incredibly hard on the body,
with so many side effects that it’s hard to remember all of them. I do know it’s been extra hard on Charlie’s stomach the past few days. This afternoon his oncology doctor said, “That’s enough, I need you to go to ER stat.” After a round of blood work and Xrays, the ER Dr. felt it was safe to give him a stomach cocktail that provided immediate relief. He’s home resting now and I pray he’s dreaming about all the great roping runs to come! Thank you for all your support and prayers!