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One Heck of a Year (1/21/21)

It’s been about three months since our last post here, but more importantly, it’s been a year since our first post.  Exactly a year (written yesterday) since our little buddy was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL on our 14th wedding anniversary.  It has been a year full of so many emotions.  Fear, worry, doubt, pain, tears, laughter, joy, but most of all thankfulness.  Thankful that we have our family of five and our incredible community of family and friends across the the country.   Thankful Charlie is continuing to heal and gain back his strength.  

He is three months into the maintenance phase and doing great.  Three months down and about 27 to go.   The physical toll on charlie is lessening, but we know the emotional and mental toll is just beginning to surface.  This year, as we continue to ensure 
Charlie’s physical health, we will all focus on our mental health as well.  It is easy to push aside because it is under the surface...not in your face like the physical treatment.  The impact on the WHOLE family is easy to lose track of...especially with the girls.  They have stood beside their brother, been (mostly) supportive, but can’t help but feel like all the attention is on Charlie.  We will be focusing on that.  

For now, we have taken to the beach for a week to unplug and celebrate the accomplishment of making it through 2020 as a family (and it just happens to be our 15 year anniversary!).  Thanks again to everyone for the continued thoughts, prayers and overall support.  We love you all!   

As time goes on, we will post here less and less.  For those that have asked, Rachel posts more regularly on her Instagram account...much better pics there too!

Cheers to a great 2021!
The Fogarty Fam

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  • Paige Hruska : Wonderful to hear and so glad you're all celebrating this milestone on the beach! Enjoy and happy anniversary!
  • Cindy Fogarty : Sending cheers of gratitude from the Fogarty Fam in Paso Robles along with lots and lots of love!! YAY! Happy Anniversary! Go Team Charlie!!!
  • Marty Remsburg : Remarkable story of faith, love and strength for the most unwelcome of journeys!! Prayers for pressing on toward the goal one day at a time! And Happy Anniversary #15 to an incredible team! We love you all so much!
  • Julie Barnes : So thankful you can celebrate this anniversary with your sweet family at the beach.