Honor Charlie

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22 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Robert I. Ward

“Good Luck, Chuck!”

Gifted by Frances McCarthy

“praying for your recovery daily and confident of a full recovery Love, Aunt Frankie and Uncle Charlie, Mary Clare, Kristen and Kandice”

Gifted by Beverly A. Ryall

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi”

Gifted by anonymous

“Thank you for Honoring the Lord with such a selfLESS act of grace Charlie. You are amazing. God Bless You! Prayers for you, the woman & the shooter.”

Gifted by Luke M. DeLouise

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi. You are looking good buddy; continue to stay strong and you’ll be out of their in no time.”

Gifted by Mr. Philip Mansour, Jr.

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi A real hero.”
David C. Cangelosi

Gifted by David C. Cangelosi

“In honor of Our hero; Charlie's friend that saved his life. Carolyn and David Cangelosi”

Gifted by Ms. Camille C. Cangelosi

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi my brother and hero. I love you Charlie!”

Gifted by Mr. James A. Ellis

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi. Get well soon Charlie. We are thinking about you. James and Mary Emrey Ellis”

Gifted by Katie Cangelosi

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi.”