Honor Charlie

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22 Tribute Donations

“Good Luck, Chuck!”

— Robert I. Ward

“praying for your recovery daily and confident of a full recovery Love, Aunt Frankie and Uncle Charlie, Mary Clare, Kristen and Kandice”

— Frances McCarthy

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi”

— Beverly A. Ryall

“Thank you for Honoring the Lord with such a selfLESS act of grace Charlie. You are amazing. God Bless You! Prayers for you, the woman & the shooter.”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi. You are looking good buddy; continue to stay strong and you’ll be out of their in no time.”

— Luke M. DeLouise

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi A real hero.”

— Mr. Philip Mansour, Jr.

“In honor of Our hero; Charlie's friend that saved his life. Carolyn and David Cangelosi”

— David C. Cangelosi

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi my brother and hero. I love you Charlie!”

— Ms. Camille C. Cangelosi

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi. Get well soon Charlie. We are thinking about you. James and Mary Emrey Ellis”

— Mr. James A. Ellis

“In honor of Charlie Cangelosi.”

— Katie Cangelosi