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Site created on March 31, 2018

Charlie started showing signs of illness in the beginning of March 2018. He had seen various doctors before the last ER visit discovered what was causing his symptoms. An MRI revealed tumors and lesions in his brain and along his spine. He was admitted to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis on March 25th. Two days later, the largest and primary tumor in his brain was surgically removed. Pathology reported this to be Medulloblastoma, and confirmed cancer. Chemotherapy treatment began April 13th. To say this was all unexpected, is an understatement.  The Neuro-Oncology team at Riley have prepared us for at least 6 months of inpatient care, including a stem cell transplant. Charlie's sweet spirit, strength, and bravery make us so proud and gives us strength. Courage comes in all sizes. We have created this site to keep our loved ones updated on Charlie's journey to healing and a full recovery. The outpouring of love from our family, friends and community have allowed us to focus on Charles and be by his side. We are so grateful. Please continue to pray for our family. 
With love, The Lane Family 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kate Lane

Wow, it has been six months since our last update. If you are in our daily lives or follow us on social media, you have a good idea that Charlie and our family are in a great place, but it felt needed to give a proper update. 
In the months of May and June, Charlie's bloodwork revealed that his immune system was strong enough to be out in the world again. It was such a relief to get out of the house--especially at the turn of seasons. Charlie is currently getting caught up on his immunizations, and even received the flu-shot this past month. We do not take these protections for granted, and are so thankful. Summer was a whirlwind of family fun, vacations, and Riley visits in between. We thrive on being busy, and really soaked in the difference of this summer from last. 

On 7/18 and 10/16, Charlie's MRIs revealed continued NED, No Evidence of Disease!!! I wish I could say anxiety from the scans get easier... it doesn't. However, the more time that passes from end of treatment, the better, and we hold on to the good news tight. Charlie will continue to receive MRIs every 3 months for the next year. 

Other updates- No more G-tube! Woo! Still working on that toddler diet, but who isn't? ;) Charlie continues his physical therapy weekly at Children's Theraplay, which specializes in Hippotherapy. He spends half the time in PT clinic and the other half riding a horse--this helps improve balance, coordination, and strength. We have been so impressed with the benefits. Remember when he needed a walker?? The progress is insane. Princess continues to be an important part of Charlie and all of the Lane families daily life, and attends Riley visits with her boy. We love her so. In September he started preschool, and we are very proud of his efforts there. 

Neuro-Oncology, Neurosurgery, Gastroenterology, and ENT all keep tabs on our Charlie--We just love Riley and the range of incredible specialists that care for him. Behind the scenes he is still hard at work, and we are doing everything we can to set up him for success. What we are most grateful for is the loving, loud, energetic, happy kiddo that loves playing with his toys, running around outside, and just being a kid... If you met Charlie today, you would never guess the challenges that he has already faced at just four years young-- and I attribute that to his extraordinary strength. 

As always, our family sends thanks to all of Charlie's Angels for the prayers, love, gestures and kind words we continue to receive. I promise you, it means everything to our family and fills us with strength and hope. 
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