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Welcome to our CaringBridge site. Here we can keep all our friends & family updated in one place. Thank you for walking this journey with us and for all your love, support, & prayers.

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Journal entry by Andrea Boelman

While we have seen and heard many complaints about this past year, we look back at last year with grateful hearts.  For us, 2021 was no cancer treatments!!  No chemo!  No radiation!  And no surgeries! 

2021 was a time of healing and being together.  We are so grateful for our time together.  For it was just 2 years prior to 2021 that we received the diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.  We were looking at the possibility of losing Chad before now (yes, his prognosis was 2 years).  But 2021 took us down a different path. We saw a new hope on this path. The scans in 2021 were stable, meaning no treatments were necessary.  We just hold the course, waiting and watching.  And praying. 

As much as we would like to celebrate like this is the end of our journey, we know we still have a long way to go - we need at least 5 years of stable scans.  So we are thankful in this moment, we are grateful in our reflections of 2021 and where it has brought us.   

A new scan is on our horizon, coming up in a few weeks.  I pray that we stay in this same path through 2022.  Thank you to all of you who have remained close and continue to check in on us.  We continue to be cautious because even colds and flu (all very prevalent right now) are not ideal for someone who has had this much lung trauma.  We thank you for your understanding and for your continual care for us. 

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