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Welcome to our CaringBridge site. Here we can keep all our friends & family updated in one place. Thank you for walking this journey with us and for all your love, support, & prayers.

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Journal entry by Andrea Boelman

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 months since Chad’s diagnosis.  Sometimes it feels as if time has flown by. Then I think about all the details - all the appointments, all the waiting we endured, all the scans and all the pokes - and suddenly 10 months doesn’t seem long enough.  Here, at this moment, we find ourselves waiting....again.  Thankfully, this comes at a busy time of preparing for a new school year.  It’s wonderful to have something else to focus on during the wait.  

Chad gets “super star ⭐️ patient status” for his amazing recovery from his lung surgery in early July. 
His surgery was on a Thursday. He came home on Friday.  On Sunday, after watching church from the comfort & safety of our living room, we took a family walk.  Chad’s nurse had encouraged walking, but when Chad mentioned that our neighborhood block was approximately a mile, she declared that would be far too much to start with.  Well, Chad apparently heard a challenge in there somehow.  So that first walk on Sunday afternoon, just 3 days after having a lobectomy, he completed the whole mile.  There was no arguing with him.  I tried.  And that was the first of many faithful walks.  It’s become a special  family event, and the kids are quick to let us know if we miss it!  I love having that closeness with them, and a chance for them to take part in his healing process.  

At the end of July, Chad had several days of radiation therapy in an attempt to kill the 2 remaining masses.  This was a lot harder than we anticipated.  Each day’s treatment left him more exhausted than the day before.  Along with the fatigue, he battled nausea each day.  Coughing fits reminded him, with sharp pains, that he was still healing from surgery.     While the coughing is still there now, the other side effects are waning.  We are so grateful. 💛

Our prayer is that the radiation will have completely killed the 2 remaining masses, although we won’t know for sure until his next ct scan, in November. Even then, the inflammation from the radiation could make them look worse in this first scan.  We know his future holds lots of scans, we just pray for no new findings.   We want to see God heal completely what the doctors said was uncureable.  

As we wait, we also pray for our family dynamics.  It’s easy to be short tempered when so much stress looms over all of us.  Everyday life comes with its own stresses and problems. Toss this in with all of that and it can be a tough battle for faith to conquer that fear.   We find our ears to be sensitive to the news of cancer.  It’s so hard to hear of others that lose their battle to another stage IV cancer, even if we don’t know them personally.  I pray for an extra measure of patience and tenderness toward one another to build up within each of us, and for our faith grow in abundance.

I pray these words have found you well and enjoying the warmth of the sun as the days shorten. We are so very thankful for the few that continue to check in and love on us.   It means so much more than I can describe.  Freindship is such a treasure. 💛  I pray the gift of friendship is abundant in your life as we all navigate a season like no other.  Much love to all of you! 💕
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