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Site created on April 13, 2020

Last week, my baby sister Cathy was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She will be having surgery on April 20, 2020 to remove the mass and do a resection.  She will be in the hospital for 2-5 days, and then a 4-6 week recovery process.  We won't know anything beyond this until after surgery; complete diagnosis or future treatment. Many of you know, we just lost our stepmom, Sandi a few weeks ago to pancreatic cancer, and are still very much in the grieving process.   As you can imagine with the COVID-19 virus it makes this that much more painstaking.  The worst part of all this is she has to be in the hospital alone due to the virus.  All of you who know Cathy, know how incredibly strong and resilient she is. With all of our help, I know she will get through this. So this is where we are. I know Cathy won't let this define her.  We will keep everyone posted via this website where you can come and get updates and leave her positive messages.

Please join our family and friends in keeping Cathy in your prayers, and creating a circle of strength for her.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lisa Gualtieri-Hoover

Oh Happy Day!  No Chemo for Cathy!!! At stage two... 85% cure rate, after two years 95% and after 5 years she's home free!   She will see the Oncologist every 3 months, Colonoscopy 1 year from surgery date, CT scan every 1-2 years, and blood work once a month. Treatment: 1 baby aspirin a day, Vitamin D3, Calcium and eat tree nuts (go figure)!  (don't make this like the COVID-19 toilet paper thing and everyone go buy out the aspirin, Vit D3 and calcium). Cathy said she +
dodged a bullet here and if there is any lesson she's your own advocate and listen to your body, pay attention to your symptoms and don't put off the suggested tests at the suggested age.  And in that spirit, I had my colonoscopy today and all is clear!  It's been a good day!
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