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Breast Cancer Journey and Healing

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Journal entry by Catherine Hodges Durst

I finished up my final round of chemo on Friday, and for the most part, I'm feeling good. I anticipated the increased fatigue, but there is a tremendous gift in hope through faith through Christ! I also remain lifted and blessed by the outpouring of your love, support, and prayers!  

I'll still be a monthly "regular" on the oncology floor for a couple of years for Lupron injections in conjunction with daily hormone therapy, which will ensure cancer stays "slayed" and at bay.  The odds are definitely in my favor, thanks to a proactive medical team, and well-studied and proven adjunctive therapy/medication.  

Speaking of medication, please pray specifically the thousands of people whose medicine has been delayed by the storms!  There was eerily silence on the "floor" on Friday because Roper hadn't received medication from their hub in Memphis for a week!  Along with the absolute devastation in Texas and other parts of the country, there is a trickle down effect, and the amount of suffering on so many levels is just heartbreaking.  I was fortunate to only have a brief delay and received my final post-chemo shot yesterday.

I'll continue to update, and pray for you!  We are moving full steam ahead to a brighter spring, and looking forward to finally seeing family in a couple of weeks!  I hope I can see all of you sooner than later to thank you in person, with a very big HUG!  We love you, and we thank you so very much for being part of our "family".

The Durst Crew
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