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Site created on February 13, 2018

Our story began in 1969, when I met this beautiful young 15 year old girl. She was a guest at Lima Baptist Temple and from the first time I met her, I knew she was someone special, wise and mature beyond her years. Within a few months, I knew in my heart that I would ask her to marry me someday! Though I did not tell her anytime soon as I was trying to keep my heart some distance away as we were very young!  I told a friend on my return to high school for my senior year in the fall of 1969 that I found the girl I was going to marry. Our marriage came March 25, 1972. I was 20 and Caryl was 18. Almost 19, she would add!

We added 5 natural daughters and one adopted daughter over the years and they have added husbands and have given us 16 grandkids! Now the farm near Manchester, TN is our sanctuary for kids of all ages to enjoy a quiet time or a playful time. It is a place to enjoy God’s handiwork.
Caryl has told many people that she is so glad to be on the farm. It is peaceful and she would rather be here than anyplace else!

In January 2011, Caryl was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It was said to be inoperable. We did a lot of research in a short period of time and traveled to Ecuador for some specialized treatment. The doctors in TN said, “2 years,” while the Great Physician said, “ I know the time and place....I will decide how long!” She has fought valiantly and bravely for 7 years. She has fought to hang on to the role of daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, Nana to her grandkids and friend to many! Most of that 7 years, we have enjoyed an above average quality of life....for this diagnosis. Most recently, after exhausting every form of chemotherapy appropriate for her type of cancer, the cancer has begun to take advances on her body that are unimagineable.

In the last 8 weeks, we have seen significant decline in her quality of life. She fights to hang onto our routine of following grandkids everywhere! On February 13, 2018, we began a relationship with a Palliative Care doctor. This type of care is what you do after fighting cancer, but before Hospice. The purpose is to assist in the quality of life. 

On February 20, 2018, we began a relationship with Hospice. They have been great to assist with pain management and support in her care.

We welcome visits to the farm, often seeing friends and family. Their visit uplifts her spirits tremendously. My phone is 615-504-7045 (tel:615-504-7045) (tel:615-504-7045 (tel:615-504-7045)) if you would like to arrange a time to visit us at the farm., near Manchester, TN. We are one hour from Nashville/Brentwood.

Newest Update

Journal entry by David Moore

Thank you all for your messages of love and compassion. Y’all are all deeply appreciated. 

Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m., Caryl stepped through the Pearly Gates and into the arms of Jesus. I was with her along with Joy. Services of visitation will be Friday evening the 9th from 4-8 P.M. and 9:30-11:00 A.M. Saturday with a memorial celebration service at 11:00 A.M. at Brentwood Baptist Church, 7777 Concord Road, Brentwood, TN.
Caryl wondered when I bought the farm, “Where do I fit in this picture?” It did not take her long to fall in love with the peace and tranquility of living on a large property with a river going through it with many waterfalls, ponds with turtles, frogs and 7 lb large mouth bass for grandkids to catch.....but most of all was her love for the birds and butterflies. We saw her as our Monarch Butterfly.
Caryl was compassionate about people and the need for everyone to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. She was an encourager and she had a lifestyle evangelical impact. Many people use words.....she lived it! 
Caryl requested “no flowers” at her funeral. As a result, we have established a memorial to her called Monarch Outreach Ministry or M.O.M. It is part of Compass World Outreach which supports evangelical missions to reach the lost for Christ.
If you would like to make a memorial contribution in her memory to M.O.M., checks should be made payable to Compass World Outreach with M.O.M. in the subject line and mailed to P.O. Box 1524 Manchester, TN 37349. 
100% of the proceeds will be used to fund her favorite ministries. Those ministries last year reached over 1,000,000 souls for Christ! 
In recognition for your gift and at your request, it is our intention to share with you an Origami butterfly. It would be like the ones pictured which were lovingly hand made by her best friend in life, Randi Hirschman of Palmer, Alaska.
Thank you for your outpouring of love. She would be humbled by all of this effort on her behalf! That is who she was!
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