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Site created on August 7, 2019

Hello everyone! None of you know me yet, but my mom and dad have told me how excited everyone is to meet me. I can’t wait to meet everyone either, but I am having a great time in here, so I am hoping I can stay here as long as possible! I like to keep my mom up all night long, and I really like when I can feel my dad’s warm hands on my moms belly. I think I am most excited about finding out who Bruce and Vince are, as my mom and dad are always yelling their names or talking about them. I hope they like me!

I only have a few more weeks before I get to meet everyone, and I know there are a lot of questions. 

I will be born with a congenital heart defect called Tricuspid Atresia, which means the valve between my right atrium and my right ventricle didn’t develop all of the way. The right side of my heart is very small compared to my fully functioning and super strong left side of my heart. Thank goodness for that! The right side of my heart is responsible for pumping blood to my lungs, so I will need to have 3 surgeries throughout my life to reroute the blood that cannot reach my lungs on its own through the right side of my heart. Who knew you could do that??! Thank goodness for modern medicine, whatever that means. I hear my family say that a lot :). 

I will be born at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver in mid October. My first open heart surgery will be when I am about 5 days old,  but luckily I won’t remember anything. My parents say we should be home by Thanksgiving, and I’ll be able to sleep in my own crib in my own room :).  And meet Bruce and Vince!

I will have another open heart surgery when I am 4-6 months old, and the third surgery when I am between 2 and 3 years old. After that, I will be ready to run and play and be a kid! The right side of my heart will always be non-functioning, but the surgeries will make it so I can be a normal, crazy and active kiddo. And I’m ready! 

I’ll keep updating everyone here on when I make my grand entrance, and how my first surgery goes! My mom and dad will be busy taking care of me, and I can’t blame them because I’m pretty cute already. 

Talk soon!

Carter ❤️

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kelsey Jacobchick

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying quarantine! Did you know my mom is home every day with me?? Like how awesome is that! 

My mom posted on her Facebook about my heart and I was like, Mom, what about my page?? My friends need to know about my heart too! So I borrowed her phone and I’m letting you guys see some photos she posted that show what my heart looks like and how it works ❤️ It took me forever to figure it out myself, and the pictures really help see what is going on and what each surgery is doing. 

The first photo is exactly what my heart looks like. A small right ventricle, an atretic (absent) pulmonary valve, and a small tricuspid valve. The combination of these defects means I have Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, meaning the entire right side of my heart is under developed in those ways described above. Without medical intervention, there would be no blood getting to my lungs and allowing me to breathe. The second photo is of a normal heart for reference. The third photo shows what my heart looks like now after my most recent surgery in March. The Superior Vena Cava was detached from the right atrium and attached directly to the pulmonary artery. Blood from the upper half of my body now flows directly to my lungs via the pulmonary artery and does not flow through the heart. In my next surgery, the Inferior Vena Cava will be detached from the heart and connected directly to my pulmonary artery. This is shown in the fourth photo. After this procedure, my lungs will be receiving an adequate and “normal” amount of oxygenated blood, but no blood will flow through my right side of my heart.

I hope this helps everyone see what is happening inside my little body! It certainly is confusing and hard to picture, so hopefully this helps!

Okay, talk to you later! Gotta get back to practicing sitting up and talking! 

❤️ Carter

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