Honor Carolyn

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Gifted by Diane & Ed McCullough

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte God bless both of you. What a journey you have taken. Not many would have the strength you both have shown. Good luck”
The Goletzs

Gifted by The Goletzs

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”
Rich and Shauna Johnson

Gifted by Rich and Shauna Johnson

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

Gifted by Phill and Shenaoh Grove

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”
Beccie Krause, client

Gifted by Beccie Krause, client

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte - Just found out today - am reading your husband's journal and praying for your progress and strength for your family.”

Gifted by Diane Gonzalez

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

Gifted by Don "Hoagie" Hoagland and Linda

“Carolyn: You need to get well and get back to work. Excelsior Springs needs you. You are an inspiration to many. We are praying for you.”

Gifted by Debra and Mike Pumphrey

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte u r in our prayers that everyday is a better day and u keep getting stronger and will b laughing again with us soon!”
Jane Burns

Gifted by Jane Burns

“In hopes that this will make the journey a tiny bit easier for friends and family.”