Honor Carolyn

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“In honor of Carolyn Schutte God bless both of you. What a journey you have taken. Not many would have the strength you both have shown. Good luck”

— Diane & Ed McCullough

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

— The Goletzs

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

— Rich and Shauna Johnson

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

— Phill and Shenaoh Grove

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte - Just found out today - am reading your husband's journal and praying for your progress and strength for your family.”

— Beccie Krause, client

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte”

— Diane Gonzalez

“Carolyn: You need to get well and get back to work. Excelsior Springs needs you. You are an inspiration to many. We are praying for you.”

— Don "Hoagie" Hoagland and Linda

“In honor of Carolyn Schutte u r in our prayers that everyday is a better day and u keep getting stronger and will b laughing again with us soon!”

— Debra and Mike Pumphrey

“In hopes that this will make the journey a tiny bit easier for friends and family.”

— Jane Burns