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UPDATE: Carolyn's is back home in Temecula. Please text or call, if you'd like her address: 760-445-7595
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Thank you for visiting Carolyn Pole's journey to recovery from her fall in Maui, HI on February 6, 2021. She is so happy to have the love and support of friends, family and patients during this time and this site is devoted to keeping everyone informed on her progress toward recovery. Come back often for updates and the latest on how she is doing. Your healing thoughts are felt and appreciated!
Once she is up and able to stand and work, she will reach out to everyone. In the meantime if you are a patient at the Hemet office you can call them at 951-929-0100. If you are a patient in Escondido, feel free to call the VA, ASH or whoever referred you for an interim Acupuncturist, should you need treatment before she is back. You can text Carolyn anytime at 760-445-7595, she isn't fielding calls often and may be slow to text back, as she is limited with movement. She would love to see pretty pictures from your day and cheery things. Thank you for caring!!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Geri Bekmanis

Dr has given ok to rehab hand and leg with no weight restrictions on 4/7. Yeahoo! Before he said only to do very soft range of motion in my hand and just to begin to put weight on my leg.

I am very stiff, especially in my left hand. I am to go at a pace that is pushing it, but not re-injuring it.
 He ordered in home  PT & OT, but his staff accidentally put it in for in office 2X, but I can't drive!! This and my HMO, Regal's, ineptitude have caused delays. My first appointment for PT for my left leg/ankle and walking is finally on 4/13. I'm still waiting for the OT Hand Specialist appointment to be set. This will be a 20 day gap between when the Dr said to start and starting. I've been able to find some online resources to guide me in the gap, but I need the experts, too!
It feels great to be able to start to use my left leg! I still have to use the platform walker and have stiffness and limited endurance. This will improve!
My hand is going to be tough. Very stiff and very painful! I'm determined to get better!
I'm using some of your kind donations to pay for massage/myofascial therapy, not covered by insurance, starting Monday.

I've had a few new visitors, which has been nice. Staying at home alone can feel very isolating, if too many days go by without seeing anybody. I'm sure lots of people have gone through this with the covid shutdowns. I felt very lucky that my work has been with people and has kept me from feeling isolated up till now.

My visitors always ask me for a list and bring groceries. I've been sticking with stuff from Trader Joe's because the serving sizes are perfect for one and the foods generally quite healthy and yummy! They also always help with some chores that I can't do on my own, like going across the street to the mailbox and grabbing my mail or picking something up for me that's in the backyard! My backyard is one full step down out the back slider and I don't have a ramp for that.

Jeanne Marie came last week and she's coming on 4/22 to take me to the in office Ortho Appt.

Éva, the Angel, came again yesterday and gifted me with groceries & a beautiful bouquet of white roses, with a lovely fragrance. She got my mail, did my laundry, made me laugh (as always) and tolerated the fact that I had to be on the phone most of the visit trying to get my PT started.

This was unfortunate to me, as I really love visiting with her, but even after she left I was still on the phone up until 4:45p.m. before I had assurances that my PT would start next week. (It's quite unbelievable that it takes that many hours on the phone, on the patient's behalf to get therapy, that should have been started immediately by the Insurance. I've called everyone I could think of, every single day for 12+ days, to try and get it going.)

I've also gotten some great phone calls from people I don't talk to very often, but it's really neat to hear their voice, find out what's going on with them and be able to share my stuff. Friends make the world go round! An experiencing like this makes me 100% certain of the fact that friendship is super powerful and adds such great value to one's life and  supports spiritual well-being. The saying, "Friends Make the World Go Round" is absolutely true!

I want to acknowledge everyone who has donated to my GoFundMe page!!! Thank you so much!! (Link can be found at the top of this CaringBridge site).

And those who have donated to me through other means: checks, cash, direct deposit and PayPal donations have been given!! Thank you so much!!!

Bedides the basics, I'm going to start using these funds for out of pocket therapies that my insurance won't cover. I have my first myofascial/massage therapy appointment on Monday in home. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm going to try and get it done at least once a week, if not more. I think I'm going to need it a lot, because even just doing the rehab on my own has made me really sore at times, and I think the PT and OT will push me harder than I've pushed myself. Which will be good for me. I hope to regain full function!

I was able to catch a little sunshine at the end of the day yesterday, after not going outside for 3 days, because of having to make all those dang phone calls. It felt so good! See pictures attached of me soaking in the rays before the sun went behind the house, eating a great salad, my ankle and the last little bit of opening on the ankle scar line & me trying my best to bend my left hand.

Please pray for me: seeing my left hand able to open and close normally and me walking with ease, strength and endurance. Thank you so much!! Hugs!!


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