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Update! Progress has been crazy fast

hi - Carolyn’s niece Lindsay here. Just wanted to share this family video. Carolyn is on small
amounts if oxygen, walking short distances with help and cracking jokes and bossing is around! Our girl is back!!

we are amazed and grateful For her and for you  all!

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  • Elise Pierce : Any news as of late on Carolyn? (5/1/18) I am still praying for her........... Love from N.C.!
  • Elise Pierce : Yep there is the Carolyn's smile that I remember! She looks so happy and positive! Yea, good for you sweet heart! Love you! <3
  • Kate Sheehan : thank you Lindsey for the good news!!! so happy she is getting out of the bed !!
  • Carol Willis : So glad to see that smile!! Glad to hear such a positive report! Hugs, Carol