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Update! Progress has been crazy fast

hi - Carolyn’s niece Lindsay here. Just wanted to share this family video. Carolyn is on small
amounts if oxygen, walking short distances with help and cracking jokes and bossing is around! Our girl is back!!

we are amazed and grateful For her and for you  all!



Hey,  kids! 
Sorry for the long wait... 

She stands up !
We went outside! 
We are getting stronger !

She is talking... And cracking jokes!  
She is frustrated and letting everyone know "what fer"! 

She is drinking (thickened) liquids. 
She still needs O2 and the occasional suction for lung secretion. But she is ALIVE and everyones hero! 

I'll upload a video of her 😹 😹 😹 😹 😹



Hey,  Kids! 

Mom is out of the ICU area and in a new bed! She is getting stronger physically, she is about ready to sit up on her own and the breathing is getting there.  Swelling is almost evaporated. 
These are great signs!  

I can't believe how far we have come.  

She has trimmed down about 50 pounds,  but also a loss of muscle mass,  which is common being in this state.  We tried to set in the "one way" valve so she could talk,  but she still needs to rely on O2 for now. 

But all in all we are keeping the flame 🔥 on  keeping her distracted from this closed environment,  which can causes frustration and alone in her head. (I think we all can relate) 

Noah,  Ivor,  and I (Mika) are all here with her,  if you could see the faces she makes when we fail reading her 💋.  😹 😹 

Keep the cards rolling in,  she ❤️ 's every one she sees. 

Her favorite pleasure right now is ice cubes and a lollipop sponge with cold fresh water she can chew on because she can't really swallow food. (The simple things, right?) 

Will update on Saturday 

See you then. 

Thankful for you all! 



Hey 👋 all, 

Here on a quiet overcast Saturday morning and all is well. Mom (Carolyn) is up and itching to get out of bed.  Requested the nurses to see about a recliner chair so the she can sit up and appreciate the surroundings at a different angle. 

Here we are chilling like Bob Dylan. She desperately wants to talk,  and I hear that the speech therapist was in yesterday.  

Just had some chest xrays done,  so we will see what's happening in the ol' air sacks and see when we can get an eta on the removal of the throaty,  hurry,  no talky business out. 

Same for the room.  If things go well then she will be sent out from the ICU area to normal room for the transition to the physical part of the stay. (Fingers crossed) 

Will be back tomorrow. 

Leave your comments below for Mom (Carolyn) 

Good Saturday to all and happy egg and Bunny 👯‍♂️ day!



Mom us resting and the new diggs are quite great.  She seems tired from the move so we are letting her settle. Not too much to tell until the regiment start.  Will update with more photos along with what you see. 

I will update when we have more information for the therapy. 



Promise has responded! 
Mom (Carolyn) will be there today by 5pm! 
This is tremendous! 

Address for Promise Hospital of Fort Myers
3050 Champion Ring Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33905
She will be in room (correction) IC5 😃

Not sure what the visiting hours are,  but I will find out asap! 

Keep sending cards,  and  maybe white dog plush toys? 

Thanks a bunch !

Till next time...



Wakky,  wakky,  eggs and Sunday! 

Yeah I'm not a wordsmith. 

Mom (Carolyn) is fresh and comfortable this fine crisp morning. She hopes to get out soon,  still waiting on the logistics. She seems to be in good a spirit as one in her position would be,  cooped up is hard but the healing is going steady and strong 💪. The Dr. has been raising the protein in her diet to assist with the healing process. 

She is moving the lungs more and the secretions  sound like they are breaking up more.  

Will update accordingly

Enjoy this fine day and be good to each other.



Hello all 🤓 

Mom (Carolyn) is getting stronger every day and she is about 90% for breathing on her own.  Which is excellent news. 

There are a lot of marches going on today for gun control and my mom would be front and center if she could,  so go ahead and get out there if you can. Mom is rooting for the home team! 

Still waiting for a bed at "Promise"

Keep the cards coming! 

Stay vigilant. 

Thanks again. 

Smooches 💋