Louann Julius|Sep 14, 2018
We all should slow down & enjoy the simple things in life but employers & life in general makes it hard to do that but you are so inspirational!!!! Will try harder !! Always thinking about you & wishing you the very best🌻
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Monica Tietz|Aug 26, 2018
So thankful to hear things are going well. We are thinking about you and praying for you every day.
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Karin Freiwald|Aug 19, 2018
Attitude is everything isn't it!
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Nancy Meidinger|Aug 19, 2018
Carol, your attitude goes way beyond “normal”! Your advice is so refreshing and God bless you, Marty, and your family! Prayers for all of you!
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Twila Schmitt|Aug 18, 2018
You are a blessing!
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Kathy Asper|Aug 18, 2018
Thanks so much for posting an update! And yay for your continuing recovery. I'm sure your clients, and their hair, are happy to see you returning. Love you, sis.
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Rita Dula|Aug 18, 2018
Carol, you are so right on! What you are saying about "living every day and not waiting" and a "new normal is OK too" is so true. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and getting stronger each day, praise be to God! I think of you often and continue to hold you up in my prayers...and I just want to come tomorrow to give you a Big hug 😊 we love you Carol! 😊❤
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Lori Waba|Aug 18, 2018
Beautiful my dear friend! Continued prayers for you always, love you😘
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Katie Pederson|Aug 18, 2018
God Bless you Carol. You are a shining example to us all. So glad you continue to feel better. Continued Hugs and prayers
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Jan Small|Aug 18, 2018
Continued prayers and xoxoxo to you!
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